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Anolon Cooling Rack 32cm x 46cm

Anolon Cooling Rack 32cm x 46cm

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If you are serious about your baking, you will know that a cooling rack is something you can not live without!  And this is no ordinary rack!  Unlike the traditional racks where food often slips through the spaces, the lattice design of this Anolon cooling grid keeps your baking creations on top so they don't slip through the cracks.  Another added bonus is that your delectable treats can be lifted from the rack easily due to the long lasting nonstick surface.

Baking will be easier and more efficient, while measuring up to the high standards of serious bakers. Constructed of steel wire, this Anolon® Advanced Bakeware cooling grid resists warping. The durable nonstick surface provides optimum food release for elegant presentation and easy cleaning. This bakeware also comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, so bakers can be confident in using these pieces daily.

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