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Anolon Suregrip Springform Round Cake Pan

Anolon Suregrip Springform Round Cake Pan

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This springform cake pan definitely helps to take the hassle out of baking due to its two cleverly designed pieces - the removable bottom and the ring that fits around it forming the sides of the pan. The ring expands open or tightens together by the clip on the side of the pan. Great to use for delicate recipes like cheesecakes or icecream cakes as all you have to do is release the clip and "voila" - your baking is ready to serve and most importantly, still in tact! 

This spring form pan is designed to make baking easier and more efficient, while measuring up to the high standards of serious bakers. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel, Anolon® Advanced Bakeware pans resist warping and provide the even heat distribution that is so critical for successful baking results. The durable nonstick surface provides optimum food release for elegant presentation and easy cleaning. The wide rim with SureGrip® silicone handles affords ample space for a secure, slip-free grasp, and the medium color tone aids in even browning.  

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