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Urban Composter | Set | 8L

Urban Composter | Set | 8L

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Urban Composter™ is the quick and easy way to create compost from your kitchen waste.  For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient kitchen compost bin.

Stylish, clean and effective - The Urban Composter™ is a kitchen benchtop composting system that turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden.

The Urban Composter™ is a revolutionary compost container that doesn't just hold your kitchen scraps en route to the compost heap, but actually starts the composting process right there in your kitchen without any bad smells.

An entirely new anaerobic composting method, using a citrus based spray with effective microorganisms to accelerate the composting process. Specially designed to look great on or under the kitchen benchtop and, being airtight, doesn't attract bugs, flies or rodents.

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set includes accelerator spray & masher

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