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Acme | Eucalyptus Oil Spray | 500ml

Acme | Eucalyptus Oil Spray | 500ml

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ACME Eucalyptus Oil is a 100% natural, aromatic antibacterial spray. It is a natural killer of germs, viruses, bacteria and odour. Spray on your pillow, yoga mat and hanky each day. Use as a hand sanitiser, air freshener and multipurpose cleaner.

Repurchasing this product? Purchase ACME Eucalyptus Oil Spray Refill - it has exactly the same content, but reduces the amount of plastic, as you can reuse the spray nozzle.  

Specifications | 

refreshing, stimulating revitaliser, cleanser, antibacterial, disinfectant, kills 99,99% germs, made in New Zealand

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