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Blunt | Umbrella | Metro | Flox

Blunt | Umbrella | Metro | Flox

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The Blunt™ + Flox Limited Edition pays homage to our beautiful landscapes here in Aoteroa as well as our neighbours across the ditch in Australia.

Featuring a mix of both native New Zealand and Australian birds and botanical, the artwork is a lush synergy of nature and colour.

Blunt Metro is the perfect collapsible umbrella, designed to fit in your car or bag.

Designed by a kiwi who was tired of throwing broken umbrellas in the rubbish! Blunt umbrellas will impress and amaze you, from their sexy, strong design to the satisfying click when the canopy fully engages. We just love this quality range! Tried and tested, you will not be disappointed.

BLUNT Umbrellas are designed and built with meticulous craft and care to ensure they stand the test of time. A global 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Specifications |
polyester, 100cm diameter, length 375mm, 385g, designed in New Zealand

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