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Corbin Rd | Silk Exfoliating Cloth

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The first of its kind, this innovative new cleansing cloth works to remove the balm, as well as draw out debris, exfoliate dead skin cells and congestion, improve circulation to the cells and leave skin with unparalleled radiance.

With its tiny silk tufts, the unique texture of Viteve™ Silk Exfoliating Cloth allows it to lift away make-up and debris; slough dead skin cells and clear congestion. This, coupled with the massaging action required to use the cloth, also stimulates blood flow to the cells, upping the radiance factor further. It also delivers proteins and amino acids to the epidermis, thereby supporting the protective barrier and strengthening the skin.

Specifications | 

lasts up to 12 months, mashine wash, biodegradable, 30cm x 30cm



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