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De Buyer | Mineral B Element Steel | Fry Pan

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Made in France, this fry pan is ideallly suited for sealing, browning and grilling. Heat the pan to 140°C  and the carbon steel fry pan will seal the food on the surface, resulting in the caramelisation of the natural juices - the "Maillard reaction".  A crust forms, preventing moisture from evaporating.  The food becomes brown and crusty on the surface, tender and soft in the middle.  Perfect for frying meat and obtaining light and crispy crepes or tasty omelettes!

Specifications |

iron is a 100% natural mineral, organic beeswax-based protective finish, PFOA & PTFE free, environment safe production, recyclable, allows for high heat which seals quickly keeping vitamins and nutrients in food, seasoning improves with age


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