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Five | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 500ml

Five | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 500ml

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Drizzle your way to deliciousness with this premium olive oil made of hand picked olives grown in the region of Olive Cultivars and produced in Finiki Lakonias, Greece. Every bottle is filled with a single-varietal olive oil produced in limited quantities by method of cold extraction. This technique achieves excellent characteristics directly related to the olive's rich aroma, well- balanced flavor and golden-green color. These oils are never made with chemical fertilizers or pesticides in order to maintain all the valuable components of the natural olive.


Specifications |

made from Koroneiki olives(100%), Olives from Finiki Lakonias, Greece.

Organoleptic: fruity flavor, superb color and aroma

Fruity: 5.0, Pungent: 3.5, Spicy: 4.0. Acidity: 0.2-0.5%



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