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MiGoals | Goals Journal | A5 | Black

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The Goals Journal is your tool to create an amazing future based on your dreams, passions and purpose.

Visualise what you want your future to be, then break your vision into short, medium and long term goals. Turn each goal into a series of action steps so you know exactly what you have to do. Make time to track your progress to ensure you’re on the right track and staying motivated.

This Goals Journal contains space for ten short-term goals, ten medium goals and five long-term goals to help you take the action you need and turn your dreams into reality. Featuring a textured hard cover, this goals book is perfectly sized to live on your desk or carry with you wherever you go.

Specifications |

hard cover PU leather, 208 pages, 100gsm inside pages, fountain pen friendly, 2divider ribbons, eco friendly, designed in Melbourne