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Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish

Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish

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Replete Store has always stocked Gentleman's Relish becasue we like to look after "our gentlemen"! It is is a type of anchovy paste and is also known as Patum Peperium.

It was created in 1828 by an Englishman called John Osborn. It has a strong, very salty and slightly fishy taste, and contains anchovies, butter, herbs and spices.

For those who are traditionalists, Gentleman's Relish is eaten thinly spread on slices of buttered white-bread toast, either on its own, or with cucumber, or "mustard and cress" sprouts . It can also be added to minced meat for a different-tasting cottage pie or to the mixture for fish cakes, potato cakes and croquettes. For the bravado, it can be melted into scrambled eggs or be used as a topping for jacket potatoes.

Dare to try it?  You'll be hooked!

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