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Phaidon Press | Brick Who Found Herself in Architecture

Phaidon Press | Brick Who Found Herself in Architecture

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When Brick was just a baby, tall buildings amazed her. Her mother said, “Great things begin with small bricks. Look around and you’ll see.” Brick’s observations begin at home and then extend globally as she travels to a diverse list of brick structures – Malbork Castle in Poland, Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple in India, Grosvenor Estate apartments in England, and more – all the while pondering where she may end up. With a tender and timeless text by Joshua David Stein and architectural line art by Julia Rothman, this tribute to becoming part of something greater serves children and adults alike.

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ages 3-5, picture book, jacketed hardcover, features ten noteworthy brick structures from around the world (extra information and images of each one at the end), 219mm x 274mm

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