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Soda Press Raspberry & Mint 500ml

Soda Press Raspberry & Mint 500ml

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Finally an alternative to traditional 'soda machine syrups' and 'cordials' has arrived and we love Soda Press for it!

In order to create such pungent flavours SPC use small batch slow-extraction process', which means tons of sugar  (around 30-50% less than traditional cordials) and other nasties, like numbers, don't need to be thrown in to make it taste great.

Lastly, these cordials are lovingly made in little old New Zealand, with ingredients sourced mostly from from NZ and Australia. 


The ultimate summer drink, uplifting with delicate raspberry tones rounded off with refreshing yet subtle mint notes. Divine as a drink or in cocktails.

serve with plenty of ice on hot summer days 

creative cocktails and easy mixing (vodka)

ideal to add to a fruit smoothy

can be had as hot drink also

These are hand crafted, small batch bottles and make around 4 litres of flavoursome liquid to be paired with 'soda machines', carbonated, cold, or hot water.  

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