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The School of Life | Book of Bookmarks

The School of Life | Book of Bookmarks

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Often, when we need to mark where we’ve got to in a book, we bend back the page or reach for an old receipt, but there’s a particular pleasure in having a robust and elegant bookmark to hand.

Here are twenty bookmarks, unusually assembled into a small pull-out ‘book’ that simultaneously offers, across its surfaces, an essay on the business of reading: why we do it, what the best books do for us, and how literature might change our lives.This book of bookmarks prompts small, artful occasions when, at the start or end of a reading session, we can pause to consider the power of books and their vital place in our lives.

Specifications |

20 bookmarks, 205mm x 44mm x 9mm, FSC certified mix board paper, designed in UK, made in China

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